Fujako are Jonathan Saldanha and Nyko Esterle, working with echo, bass and space, summoning unlooped hip-hop and telluric dub from the geological strata.
 Collaborating with voices coming from the most experimental sides of the hiphop world, Fujako are inspired by burnt landscapes, mental smoke, old percussion and Rap.

Featured voices from Sensational, Native, Scalper, Seraphim and Black Saturn.

EXOBELL [Ångström Records 12″”vinyl, 2015]
Soul Buzz [Ångström Records 10″”vinyl, 2014]
Landform Erosion [Rotorelief 12”vinyl, 2012]
Landforms [Wordsound Digital, 2009 & Ångström Records, double 12″”vinyl, 2012]

Some press:

“Apparently, the way to counter-act a black hole is to play dead. (…) blown into a cloud of bongos, bass and hi-hat debris. My sense of depth perception is completely fucked”
— ATTN Mag

“If one needs to wipe off some nuclear dust from a massive wall of speakers to set up a zombie rave in the midst of the Nevada Test Site this is the sound to play on repeat for a reason.”
— Nitestylez

“Warped and twisted beats threaten to mutilate your speakers, distorted and fractured vocals flit in and out of the mix. (…) Challenging, intriguing, and guaranteed to scare the pants off small children.”
— Tom Nook / HHC DIGITAL