Album by Jonathan Saldanha released by the label SILO RUMOR. This sonic piece brings together an interstitial realm of generative choirs, gestual percussion, reminiscences of fanfarre music and resonant spaces interacting with disembodied voices.

It was recorded in tunnels and cavities found in and around the city of Porto, and was mixed as a dub record set for a soundsystem of the future, in a process referred to as Skull–Cave–Echo.

Tunnel Vision is a re-edit and remastered version of the original soundtrack scored and recorded for the experimental sci-fi film Tunnel Vision, directed by Raz Mesinai and released on Tzadik DVD Series.

The film comprised of shots taken on tunnels and subterraneans in a particular post-apocalitic hyper modernism was co-produced by John Zorn, who called it a “21st Century Cult Classic”.

Released on 12” Vinyl LP and digital format, by SILO RUMOR and distributed by Cargo UK.

01 Fanfare from the Resonating Concrete Entrance
02 Tunnel Vision
03 Ressurection of the Concrete Jungle
04 Train Tunnel/Crane Dub
05 Fanfare from the Resonating Geophone
06 Arca d’Água
07 Crystal Breath Autopoiesis

Featuring: João Pais Filipe / Álvaro Almeida / Rui Leal / Gustavo Costa / Catarina Miranda / Jessika Kenney / Mike Ladd

Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Saldanha | Master and lacquer cut by Frédéric Alstadt at Ångstrom Studio, Brussels
Massive thanks to Eyvind Kang



The Fanfare Diptych is a set of two videos created to accompany the two fanfares present in this release.
The first, directed by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha renders an electric view from the iconic Oporto building responsible for the baptism of our label — the Silo Auto. The second, directed by Diogo Tudela galvanizes a single photograph into a geologic narrative.