“To enter this Jungle means to submit to the absolute indifference and lack of distinction between inner and outer world.”

Sound-Theatre piece conceived from the assembly of fragments of the book “The Crystal World” by JG Ballard and “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad.
The piece is divided into two mutually implicated flows of extended duration, proposing an experience of environmental and cosmological immersion in a prismatic and fictional Jungle.
In this Jungle there is a constant translation and expansion of our body limits, both organic and mental, trapping them in an envelope (a cave, a cavity) without orientation points and multiple entries which we can only intuit a way out: a space for echoes, visitations, drifts and constant dream infiltrations. The Jungle is, accordingly, a machine (symbolic, sensory and sonic) of fictions, streams and underground intensities in which we enter, while we remain ourselves parts of this contamination machine.

Concept: Jonathan Saldanha & Benjamin Brejon
Produced and directed: Jonathan Saldanha

Text editing /montage: Manuel Neto, Benjamin Brejon and Jonathan Saldanha.
Music: Jonathan Saldanha & Benjamin Brejon
Prismatic video sources: Jonathan Saldanha, Catarina Miranda and Benjamin Brejon.
Video archives & manipulation: Ewen Chardronnet
Voice: Diogo Dória

Music: Jonathan Saldanha / HHY
Lazer: Ewen Chardronnet

Sound: Nuno Aragão, Filipe Fernandes
Light: Rui Barbosa, Rui Gonçalves
Video: Carla Pinto
Stage machinery: Jorge Ferreira, Domingos Oliveira, João Dionísio, Nelson Lima, Carlos Ferrão, Patrik Teixeira, Rui Pedro
Produced by Soopa and Serralves Museum.
Thanks to Pedro Rocha, Ana Conde, everybody from the tech team and ARARA silkscreen studio.

Poster: Dayana Lucas / Jonathan Saldanha. Silkscreen print: ARARA

29 Oct 2010 | THE JUNGLE MACHINE | Serralves Museum Porto
21 Nov 2013 | THE JUNGLE MACHINE | Soleils Numériques – Festival Accès(s) | Pau (Fr)