Première at Festival DDD – RIVOLI Theatre Porto – 12th and 13th May 2017.

O POÇO is a machine that operates on vertical agents, harboring and articulating gesture, sound and light in its acoustic and architectural configuration.
A black box where traces of words and actions sustain a landscape made out of ruins of nexus, membranes, language and substrates.
The pre-linguistic impetuses of the voice, the crystallization of action, and the vertigo of the perspective arise as the only temporal mediators of a moving landscape. An echo chamber.

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha: direction, staging, dramaturgy
Catarina Miranda: dramaturgy, staging
Diogo Tutela: dramaturgy, computation
Godofredo Pereira: dramaturgy, architecture
Sound Spatialisation: Eduardo Magalhães
Frederic Alstadt: Sound Treatment
José Álvaro: light
Renato Marinho: light
Executive Producer: Mauro Rodrigues
Administrative Producer: Mafalda Soares
Production: SOOPA
Co-prodution: Porto Municipal Theater TMP
Support: Portuguese Government/ Ministry of Culture (DGArtes) | Municipal City Hall of Porto / Municipal Theatre of Porto | GDA | CACE Cultural Porto |

Voice emitter: Catarina Miranda, Ece Canli, Outra Voz
Gesture emitter: Daniela Cruz, Igor Bisser, Nuno Pinto, GMCS – Grupo, Matéria, Cristalização e Stasis, Balleteatro, Rita Vieira, Diogo Vieira.