Sonic and scenic constructor, working with sound, stage and film, approaching within his work elements of pre-language, generative choirs, acoustic animism, echo and recursivity, gestual percussion and intra-cranial-dub.

Working in the interception of live-dubbing, electroacoustics, percussive sounds, visceral voice and wind instruments within the acoustic, physical and mental proprieties of time. Deeply interested in non western music systems, he started to study Tabla in 1999 playing in the Hindustani music ensemble Jugalbandi.

Since 2010 he composed a series of pieces for voice, electronic and resonant space: TEUFEL RADAR, choir and antena; KHŌROS ANIMA, choir, sub-bass, industrial space; SANCTA VISCERA TUA, gesture, light, percussion, termites and choir; SILVO UMBRA choir, light and spheric space; ILINX mixed choir and resonant space.

He is part of FUJAKO duo, mentor of the ensemble HHY & The Macumbas, founder of SOOPA collective and co-founder of SILORUMOR label. He is co-creator of the pieces NYARLATHOTEP, REI TRILOGY, DEL, and director for the pieces JUNGLE MACHINE, KHORUS ANIMA, O POÇO and OXIDATION MACHINE presented in venues like Serralves Museum, Accès(s) Festival, Rivoli TMP and Palais de Tokyo.

Saldanha has collaborated and performed with: Adrian Sherwood, Arthur Doyle, Benjamin Brejon, Raz Mesinai, Carlos Zíngaro, Catarina Miranda, Franklin Pereira, Frederic Alstadt, Gustavo Costa, Jessika Kenney, João Pais Filipe, Mark Stewart, Eyvind Kang, Nyko Esterle, Regina de Miguel, Steve Mackay, among others.

Performed at the festivals: Sónar, Primavera Sound, Amplifest, Out.Fest, Circular, Milhões de Festa, Neopop, Tapettefest and Elevate. On tour he played at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), Berghain Kantine (Berlin), Stubnitz (Hamburg), Filmer la Musique (Paris) and Issue Project Room (New York).

With music released under the labels SOOPA, Ångström Records, Wordsound, Silo Rumor, Rotorelief and Tzadik.

BOOKING  — contact (at) silorumor.com

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Jonathan Uliel Saldanha: Tunnel Vision [Silo Rumor 12″”vinyl, 2016]
Fujako “EXOBELL” [Ångström Records 12″”vinyl, 2015]
Fujako “Soul Buzz” [Ångström Records 10″”vinyl, 2014]
HHY & The Macumbas: Throat Permission Cut [SILO 12″”vinyl, 2014]
Fujako “Landform Erosion” [Rotorelief 12”vinyl, 2012]
Doyle/Saldanha/Silva/Costa: FivePoemsForTheSwampGhost [12″”vinyl, 2012]
U.S.S.: Machine Gun [Soopa/Radon CD and 7″” vinyl, 2011]
Ç.K.P. [Faca Monstro 10″” vinyl, 2011]
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha: The Earth As A Floating Egg [Soopa CD, 2010]
Besta Bode: HEXACOSIOIHEXECONTAHEXAFOBIA [Soopa 7″” vinyl, 2010]
Legba – HHY & The Macumbas [Wire Tapper CD, 2011]
HHY & The Macumbas: Legba/Houmfort [Soopa 7″” vinyl, 2010]
Fujako: Landforms [Wordsound Digital, 2009 & Ångström Records, double 12″”vinyl, 2012]
Badawi/Raz Mesinai: Unit of Resistance [CD & vinyl on ROIR, 2007-2009]
F.R.I.C.S.: Abraço Vivo [CD Soopa, 2007]

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