SOOPA is a proteiform, multi-cephalous, international art and music platform oriented around a collective of artists and thinkers; a sound, visual and performance laboratory with a longstanding activity based in Porto, Portugal since the dawn of the millennium.

SOOPA is a cosmos working in the fields of: autopoiesis, home-made science fiction, fabricated traditional cultures, the mapping of invisible territories, inner station jungle, radio magnetic animism and the great unsounded chaos.

SOOPA’s activities include the production and release of music and publications, the promotion of concerts and conferences, and the creation of scenic and filmic pieces, in a continuous and multifaceted process of research.

Organizing since 2000 several series of concerts of exploratory music, inviting among others Pandit Hindraj Divekar, Kenneth Anger, Secret Chiefs 3, Florian Hecker and Zbigniew Karkowski to perform in Porto.

Founded in 1999 by Jonathan Saldanha, SOOPA expanded to a family of collaborators: Benjamin Brejon, Catarina Miranda, Dayana Lucas, Diogo Tudela, Filipe Silva, Frédéric Alstadt, João Pais Filipe and Nicolas Esterle.

This network is a worldwide community that includes these remarkable people: Aida Castro (Pt), Álvaro Almeida (Pt), André Cepeda (Pt), André Coelho (Pt), Cláudia Martinho (Pt), Ewen Chardronnet (Fr), Francisco Queimadela (Pt), Frederico Duarte (Pt), Godofredo Pereira (Pt), Gustavo Costa (Pt), Henrique Fernandes (Pt), Jean-Baptiste Bayle (Fr), Júlio Mendes Rodrigo (Pt), Manuel Neto (Pt), Maria Mire (Pt), Miguel Cardoso (Pt), Miguel Carneiro (Pt), Paulo Vinhas (Pt), Pedro Augusto (Pt), Pedro Nora (Pt), Raz Mesinai (USA), Scott Nydegger (Turkey), Steve Mackay (US).

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