4 Screen Installation, Digital Video, 16:9, Color, 5.1 Sound

"The Afasia Tática project, conceived by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha for the space of Culturgest Porto, is based on a film, still in the process of completion, which is broken down and shown on four separate screens. The fundamental libretto that is present in this film was designed for the piece Sancta Viscera Tua, presented at two churches in Portugal during Lent, at the invitation of the parson at Porto Cathedral, in order to construct a participative ceremony that was open to all, and which would include group singing, gestures and light. The dense, mysterious and ritualistic nature of the piece is also to be found in the sound conceived for the film installation, which combines a choir and a solo voice, filling the whole space of Culturgest Porto with the sound of a possible pre-linguistic speech. During the period of the exhibition, Jonathan Saldanha will present a performance for a choir of 50 people, transforming the cinematic space into a scenic mechanism."

— Delfim Sardo

Camera Sofia Arriscado, Jonathan Saldanha, Catarina Miranda
Video post-production Diogo Tudela, Jonathan Saldanha
Voice Outra Voz, Catarina Miranda, Ece Canli
Body Filipe Silva, Renata Polónia, Igor Bisser, Nuno Pinto, Outra Voz, Federico Vazzola, Mariya Nesvyetaylo, Natércia Marques
Sound spatialization Eduardo Magalhães
Acknowledgment Francisco Queimadela, Mariana Caló, André Cepeda, Paula Menino Homem, David Ferreira
Suport DGArtes, SOOPA, DRCN
urated by Delfim Sardo for Culturgest — Porto

The footage used in this exhibition is part of the forthcoming film Eco Da Viscera