HHY & The Macumbas

The Macumbas are a cast of musicians assembled by HHY to perform a barrage of percussion, sub-bass pressure, horns and echoes. Influenced by electricity, ceremonial percussion, ecstatic chaos and suburban landscapes. Using Dub to unravel the sonic spectrum and the rhythms from the mental jungle.

Current Line-up
Electronics & Spectrum | Jonathan Saldanha
Percussion | João Filipe, Frankão, Filipe Silva, Brendan Hemsworth
Horns | Álvaro Almeida, André Rocha
Live Sound | Nuno Aragão, Zé Arantes

Past Line-ups
Bass | Rui Leal
Trombone | Rui Fernandes
Sax | João Guimarães
Synth | Nyko Esterle

Throat Permission Cut — SILORUMOR 12″vinyl, 2014
Legba in Dub — Wire Tapper CD, 2011
Legba/Houmfort — SOOPA 7″vinyl, 2010



Some press
“The powerhouse of HHY & the Macumbas blow all in attendance to pieces.(…) dive straight into the heart of some distant jungle nightmare, coalescing strands of industrial, dub, and tribal music tropes into a blinding new sound straight only possible in the fervent Portuguese underground music scene.”
Tristan Bath, The Quietus

"If you're in to melt yourself down, you're gonna love this"
Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 6

"Os metais surgem como vagas, quais clarins de orquestra épica chorando, altivos, um requiem (...) não temos referências precisas, temos o som e a forma como nos conduz, à uma telúrico e fora deste mundo."
Mário Lopes, Público

"Ecstatic Free Dub. There aren’ too many precedents for this. And that’s what makes it so remarkable."
Bob Baker Fish, Cyclic Defrost

"A primeval vision, a fantastic allegory of death becoming alive. A great, beautiful record."
Stefano Isidoro Bianchi, BlowUp Mag

"Voodoo-Cave-Rave. Ultra-repetitive, transcendent, hypnotic, immersive, gentle, melancholic, powerful, epic and really really horny."
FreiStil Mag

"A massive synapses bombardment in a short circuit between Branca and Sherwood, strong medicine."
Bad Alchemy magazine