A piece for mixed choir, large acoustic space, percussion ensemble and eight subwoofers.

Commissioned by Sound Space Signal for Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012. Presented on the 12th of May, 2012.

Sonic piece developed to be interpreted by the choral ensemble Outra Voz from Guimarães, Portugal. Working with the voices of this large mixed choir as a factor inducing ressonance on the facilities of a former textile factory located in Covas, an empty 4.500m2 space (from Greek khōros place, space), proposing an evocation of time through collective chanting. The psychoacoustic landscape emanating from this specific post-industrial space is the generative point for the compositional processes, in which the relation of sound with its immediate phantom, the resonances of the space, are the core element. The acoustic body of the space vibrates through the breath of the voices, becoming a presence.


Direction Jonathan Saldanha
Choir rehearsal Catarina Miranda
Choir/voice Outra Voz, Mulheres do Minho
Infrasonic vibration Jonathan Saldanha
ercussion Allcateia
hoto André Cepeda

Thanks to João Guimarães, Carlos Correia, André Cepeda, Filipe Silva, Susana Ralha, Mário Gonçalves and Allcateia, Magna Ferreira, Luisa Barriga, Tiago Simães, Mulheres do Minho, Mónica Batista, Jean Baptiste and a special acknowledgment to all members of Outra Voz.