Mixed Choir / Radial Electronics / Resonant Space / 6.1 Sound System

The piece PLETHORA was presented at festival the festival OUT.FEST (Santa Maria church) and Verão Azul festival (underground parking lot).

"A group of human voices emerges and dissolves into the cement landscape. Crowding and redistributing, the mob fades into the line separating the organic from the inorganic. The voice that is left is an impulse directed at the walls."


Maestro Manuel Gonçalves + Coral TAB (Trabalhadores das Autarquias do Barreiro) and Coral B Voice
Maestrina Ivelina Kavrakova Pereira + informal mixed choir formed in the city of Faro for this performance

co-production: Out.Ra, SOOPA, CasaBranca
Photos by Vera Marmelo, Jonathan Saldanha