SOOPA [DVD + Book]
Hand-bound 200 pages book, limited to 200 numbered copies.

Mapping out over a decade of SOOPA collective activities, this publication features a book with cosmological fragments of interviews, essays and images related to the collective and a DVD with a 1 hour documentary on SOOPA associated bands and projects.

The film features interviews, concert footage and archival images with musicians like Gustavo Costa, Filipe Silva, Raz Mesinai, Mark Stewart, Scott Nydegger and Steve Mackay and bands like Mécanosphère, HHY & The Macumbas, United Scum Soundclash, Besta Bode, F.R.I.C.S. and Herzbeat Hotel, sourced from various times and places.

The book features texts by Benjamin Brejon, Manuel João Neto, Filipe Silva, Jonathan Saldanha, Ewen Chardronnet, Scott Nydegger and illustrations and collages by Jonathan Saldanha, Dayana Lucas, Miguel Carneiro, Dario Cannatá, Miguel Cardoso, João Maio Pinto, José Feitor and Sílvia Prudêncio.

Edited by Benjamin Brejon & Jonathan Saldanha

Design by Dayana Lucas & Jonathan Saldanha


Book Index
- The Third Rhythm 
- Fanfarra Recreativa Improvisada Colher de Sopa
- Cargo Cultism
- The Work
- Electricity and Psychology
- Who Are Herzbeat Hotel?
- Hollow Earth
- United Scum Soundclash
- Limb Shop